Goldschmidt cross frame safety

This rare Goldschmidt cross frame safety is in the collection of the 'Stadtmuseum Neumarkt' in Germany. Very nice, since the Goldschmidt factory was based in Neumarkt and also called 'Velocipedfabrik Neumarkt'. The bicycle clearly is a Goldschmidt: look at the characteristic brake handle lock, which already was a feature of their safeties.
I do not have many pictures, but they show some characteristics.
- typical rear chain tensioners, with some kind of 'block' that holds the axle.
- Bown Aeolus type bracket bearings

It is clearly familiar with the Nova Bicyclette that is in the Goldschmidt catalogue of 1891. Picture at the end of this page. But that one has some different details, most important being that the Nova has pivot steering and the bicycle in the Neumarkt museum has a socket head. I do not know if it's older or newer than 1891. Serial number is 2559. 

Thanks Jürg for the pictures!  Click one of the pictures to see more of this bicycle on my Flickr photostream.